Sock it to me!

Sock it to me!
Posted on 02/17/2021
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Winter time can be unpleasant: there’s less sunlight, there’s snow, sleet, and ice, you’re stuck inside more, and it can get frigid! But for many living in New Jersey, they do not have a home or shelter to go making winter even more unbearable. That’s why Assembly Members Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey established “Socks for the Homeless,” a sock drive for homeless families and individuals.

It was not that long ago that some of these residents in the Collier Residential Program lived in deplorable living conditions without a bed, warm clothes, and food. But thanks to the incredible therapeutic support provided at Collier, they started the healing process, have a place to call home, a warm bed and food, and can empathize with those less fortunate.

“ I’m fortunate enough to be able to go to sleep in a warm bed, clothed and safe. If it means helping at least a few people, I hope it makes a big difference to their future,” stated Michaela.

This eye opening and heartwarming experience was not only beneficial to those receiving the socks, but for the residents too. Seeing so many people come together to help others shows them that there is good in the world and people out there who care.

By the end of the drive, Collier dropped off over 400 pairs of socks. Now that is a lot of warm feet!

Collier Group Home Sock Drive