Vonage Day of Service 5/7/15

vonage volunteers

What a great day and even more amazing group of volunteers! Employees from Vonage came to Collier to revitalize the outdoor stage and benches just in time for our High School and Middle School graduations. This fun and energized group quickly went to work scrapping and sweeping away the chipped paint and debris before adding the well needed fresh coats of paint.

In between coats, team leader and Manager of Corporate Communications, Brian Dunne,spoke to us about Vonations—Vonage’s Community Giving Program. Brian discussed Vonage’s contemporary approach and credits its success to its corporate managers who lead by example. These leaders believe that giving back not only improves morale but fosters productivity and retention among its employees. Each Vonage employee is given 3 paid days off per year to volunteer, and with over 25 projects planned (varying in activity), there are plenty to choose from!

These Vonage employees left Collier with more than just their dazzling work, but with an added appreciation and admiration for all that they do in our community. Thank you Vonage!

Photo Gallery from Vonage's Day of Service