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Mission, Vision, Core Values

Collier Youth Services - Smith Hall

In keeping with the philosophy on which St. Mary Euphrasia founded the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the programs of Collier Youth Services are guided by the following vision and mission statement:


The mission of Collier Youth Services is to provide at-risk youth a chance to grow toward their potential in an environment that promotes belonging, dignity, and hope.  The mission is based on a philosophy of deep respect for the inherent worth of each individual and the belief in the capacity for personal change that is consistent with the ministry of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.​


Collier Youth Services envisions a world where all children and families are valued, belong, and thrive.

Core Values:

The thoughts and principles reflected in this mission statement are further delineated by six core values that define our daily actions and are integrated into every decision, large and small.  These core values are:

Respect:  We honor the individual worth of each person and demonstrate sensitivity to cultural diversity, confidentiality, personal differences, and individual needs. We stress respect and responsibility for the environment.

Excellence:  We maintain professional standards of performance and ethical conduct that ensure high-quality programs for our young people and their families.

Safe and Nurturing Environment:  We create an atmosphere where all feel welcome, secure, and at home. We foster trust and a sense of belonging.

Personal Growth:  We believe in and nurture each person’s potential by providing opportunities for positive personal development.

Compassion:  We demonstrate care and acceptance of each person through our concern, support, and kindness.

Partnership:  We collaborate with young people and their families to define and achieve their personal goals. We work as a team, appreciating one another’s contribution to the mission. We consult and network with other agencies and systems to advocate for youth and families.


DEI Statement:

"A Person is of More Value than a World”

At Collier Youth Services, everyone belongs. We value the uniqueness of every person. We embrace individuality. We honor diversity. We build community. We make space for each person to discover and celebrate their authentic self. This is how we live our mission of Belonging, Dignity, and Hope.