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Collier Middle School is a state-approved, private, non-profit school for students with disabilities in grades 5 through 8 whose needs cannot be met within the public school. The school's semi-departmentalized academic program offers a diverse curriculum taught by Highly Qualified teachers in each subject area while catering to the individual educational needs of each student. Collier's strong counseling component combines individual as well as group therapy that supports social and emotional growth for all students. Our Positive Behavior Support program encourages Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Kindness, and we also offer BCBA consultative services to assist with behavioral plans. Clubs and activities round out the educational program, giving students extracurricular opportunities similar to those offered in public schools.


Golf: In the “fore”ground of Collier Middle School
When you think about Collier Middle School, golf is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, during the 2015 Extended School Year, what started off as an experimental preferred activity became, and continues to be, a crucial part of 8 students’ experience both on and off the green. 

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Curriculum Incorporates Hands-On Learning at Our Kateri Environmental Center
Collier Middle School and High School have partnered with our Kateri Environmental Center to incorporate the Core Content Curriculum Standards (CCCS) into our curriculum through hands-on learning in a variety of disciplines. Below is a sampling of our course partnership to help students meet goals in a fun, creative, and open educational environment.
Collier Course: Geometry
  • What is the distance between two cities?
  • Measure the shortest path between two locations
  • Estimated heights

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