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Collier High School is a state-approved, private, non-profit school for students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met within the public school.  The school's departmentalized academic program prepares students for admission into four-year colleges, community colleges, and technical/vocational schools, and full-time employment. 

Collier's strong counseling component combines individual as well as group therapy that encourages and supports social and emotional growth for all students. Clubs, sport teams, and activities round out the educational program, giving students extracurricular opportunities similar to those offered in public schools.


Collier Presents Beauty and the Beast
The reviews are in and Collier’s performance of Beauty and the Beast was a hit!
Sarah B.’s portrayal of Belle accurately embodied the kind-hearted, self-assured, smart, and imaginative protagonist as she struggles to live with the Beast in his castle. John L. did a brilliant job bringing to life the gruff and hot-tempered Beast who had been placed under a spell that could only be broken when he loves and is loved in return before all the petals of a bewitched rose fall.

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The 2015 Collier Art Show
It is no secret that Collier has some of the most artistic individuals in New Jersey and to prove that, staff and students submitted over 120 pieces of their artwork into the 2015 Collier Art Show. The mediums used ranged from pencils, to acrylic paints, pastels, wood carvings, and sculptures while their styles spanned from realism, to surrealism, modernism, pop art, and abstract. And that is not all!

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Ocean First Bank--Making Interest Interesting!
We are incredibly grateful to have had Ms. Barbara Wright and Ms. Maja Puskas from Ocean First Bank come to speak to Mrs. Obermayer’s Personal Finance and Economics students.
These two banking experts invested a lot of time to making their presentation fun and interactive. Ms. Wright and Ms. Puskas asked students to volunteer to spin the “Banking Wheel” which landed on discussion topics addressing how to open bank accounts, different types of accounts, debit and credit cards, loans, careers in banking, different investment opportunities, and the importance of starting to save for your future at an early age just to name a few! 

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You Don't Know Me Until You Know Me

We were honored to have Dr. Michael Fowlin, aka Mykee, perform “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me,” a show about diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and personal accountability at both Collier High School and Collier Middle School.

Collier students and staff were immediately engaged as Mykee opened with jokes, conversations about prank calls, and recent events such as the Baltimore riots and Ray Rice. Mykee seamlessly transformed himself into characters who told their stories of adversity that ranged from a six year old boy with ADD, to an African American gay football player from the projects of Newark, a bi-racial feminist, a Jewish boy who was a victim of hate crimes, and a man with Cerebral Palsy.

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