Welcome to Collier High School
Collier High School is a state-approved, private, non-profit school for students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met within the public school.  The school's departmentalized academic program prepares students for admission into four-year colleges, community colleges, and technical/vocational schools, and full-time employment. 

Collier's strong counseling component combines individual as well as group therapy that encourages and supports social and emotional growth for all students. Clubs, sport teams, and activities round out the educational program, giving students extracurricular opportunities similar to those offered in public schools.


Students Give Back through Service Learning

Collier students have always been characterized by the staff and administrators here at our school as some of the most sensitive and kind young people you will ever meet. As a result, Service Learning is always a popular activity among Collier students and we are so glad to be encouraging our kids to give back to other community organizations.

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Assemblywoman Casagrande Honored as "Child Advocate of the Year"

Collier is thrilled with our successful nomination of Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande as "Child Advocate of the Year," an honor bestowed by the New Jersey Alliance for Children, Youth, and Families (NJACYF). Assemblywoman Casagrande’s support of Collier began three years ago, when she attended an Open House at Collier School to learn more about our students and the issues faced by their families.

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