Welcome to Collier High School
Collier High School is a state-approved, private, non-profit school for students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met within the public school.  The school's departmentalized academic program prepares students for admission into four-year colleges, community colleges, and technical/vocational schools, and full-time employment. 

Collier's strong counseling component combines individual as well as group therapy that encourages and supports social and emotional growth for all students. Clubs, sport teams, and activities round out the educational program, giving students extracurricular opportunities similar to those offered in public schools.


Collier School Open House - 4/21

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CHS Students Shine at Model UN Conference

Collier High School students joined over 1,500 others from across the region to participate in the Model UN Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania this January. As the first delegation from Collier to participate, our ten student representatives excelled individually and collectively as they actively participated in discussions and activities. "The kids who went were the best group we could have taken," said junior Jonathan Brown, who was selected as Collier’s Youth Secretariat at the conference. "Having a group do something like this and do it so well is good for the school and for all of us individually!"

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Psychiatrist Joins Collier Staff

In response to a need identified by district staff and parents, Collier School is proud to announce that

Sajjad Zaidi, M.D.

will be providing psychiatric services - including prescription of medication following initial assessment - for students who are not currently seeing a psychiatrist privately.


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