Collier Staff Present at the 10th Annual Sanctuary Network Conference Annmarie and Brittani present at the Annual Sanctuary Conference
In the Spring of 2012, both Collier Group Home and Collier House started incorporating the Sanctuary Model into their programs. As a trauma-informed model, Sanctuary is a comprehensive approach to developing a trauma-sensitive culture in which psychological and social trauma can be addressed. Its fundamental, top-down approach is to shift thinking from “What is wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” 

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Golf: In the “fore”ground of Collier Middle School
When you think about Collier Middle School, golf is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. However, during the 2015 Extended School Year, what started off as an experimental preferred activity became, and continues to be, a crucial part of 8 students’ experience both on and off the green. 

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Ladies Night Out: Candle Dip & Sip and Holiday Crafts & Drafts
Candle Dip and Sip:  Ladies Night Out
Learn how to make colored and scented tapers the old fashioned way. This is a fun and relaxing craft with beautiful results. 
Holiday Crafts and Drafts: Ladies Night Out
Enjoy a relaxing evening of crafting in our cozy Carriage House. We will use natural materials to fashion tiny treasures to deck the halls and keepsakes for the Christmas tree.
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Curriculum Incorporates Hands-On Learning at Our Kateri Environmental Center
Collier Middle School and High School have partnered with our Kateri Environmental Center to incorporate the Core Content Curriculum Standards (CCCS) into our curriculum through hands-on learning in a variety of disciplines. Below is a sampling of our course partnership to help students meet goals in a fun, creative, and open educational environment.
Collier Course: Geometry
  • What is the distance between two cities?
  • Measure the shortest path between two locations
  • Estimated heights

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