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Alliance for NJ Environmental Education Elects President

Kateri naturalist, Pat Heaney, was recently elected to be President of The Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education (ANJEE).  ANJEE supports and advances environmental education efforts in New Jersey for people of all ages in order to cultivate and environmentally literate population.

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Johnson & Johnson—More than just a Family Corporation

When you hear the name “Johnson & Johnson,” you think about all the products they create to help make our lives better—from the “no more tears” baby shampoo, to Band-Aids, Tylenol, and Splenda. While these products make you feel better on the inside and out, how do they help the communities we live and work in? That’s where Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) volunteers come into play!

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Thanks So Mulch WeiserMazars Volunteers!
We have really been raking it in when it comes to great volunteers! We were fortunate to have had employees from WeiserMazars in Edison, NJ, an independent U.S. member firm of the Mazars group (an international accounting organization) come to Collier to help beautify Smith Hall.  

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Robotics Elective Challenges Middle School Students
One of the most popular electives at Collier Middle School - at least among the boys! - is Robotics, in which students use specialized Legos to create their own robots.  “It lets you be creative and put your mind into it!” said Jaden.  For Mario, the class challenges him to think outside the box:  “I am trying to make a machine that can fly...and trying to figure out the ideas by myself.”

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Ocean First Bank--Making Interest Interesting! Ocean First Bank Employees speak to some of Collier's At-Risk High School Students about Banking Basics
We are incredibly grateful to have had Ms. Barbara Wright and Ms. Maja Puskas from Ocean First Bank come to speak to Mrs. Obermayer’s Personal Finance and Economics students.
These two banking experts invested a lot of time to making their presentation fun and interactive. Ms. Wright and Ms. Puskas asked students to volunteer to spin the “Banking Wheel” which landed on discussion topics addressing how to open bank accounts, different types of accounts, debit and credit cards, loans, careers in banking, different investment opportunities, and the importance of starting to save for your future at an early age just to name a few! 

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Calling all Vonage Volunteers! Vonage Volunteer painting the stage for the graduation of Collier's at-risk High School and Middle School students in Monmouth County NJ
What a great day and even more amazing group of volunteers! Employees from Vonage came to Collier to revitalize the outdoor stage and benches just in time for our High School and Middle School graduations. This fun and energized group quickly went to work scrapping and sweeping away the chipped paint and debris before adding the well needed fresh coats of paint.

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Family Gathering Highlights the Sanctuary Model Sanctuary Family Gathering at Collier Group Home in Redbank, NJ

Families of our residents gathered at the Group Home this Spring for our first Sanctuary Family Gathering.  The purpose of this intimate get-together of our residents and their loved ones was to help educate family members about the Sanctuary Model, which is being implemented within the Group Home and Collier House.  Sanctuary provides our young women with the tools needed to help identify and manage their emotions by creating a trauma-sensitive, democratic, and non-violent culture.  By helping families understand the Sanctuary Model philosophy, we hope to engage them so that they can begin to develop a shared common language and use the Sanctuary tools and ideas in their own relationships with their daughters – our residents.

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You Don't Know Me Until You Know Me Mykee Performing for Collier High School and Middle School, alternative education programs for at-risk youth in New Jersey

We were honored to have Dr. Michael Fowlin, aka Mykee, perform “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me,” a show about diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and personal accountability at both Collier High School and Collier Middle School.

Collier students and staff were immediately engaged as Mykee opened with jokes, conversations about prank calls, and recent events such as the Baltimore riots and Ray Rice. Mykee seamlessly transformed himself into characters who told their stories of adversity that ranged from a six year old boy with ADD, to an African American gay football player from the projects of Newark, a bi-racial feminist, a Jewish boy who was a victim of hate crimes, and a man with Cerebral Palsy.

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